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The 9 Best Platforms of 2022: The best sites to sell online

What are the best sites to sell online? Before the advent of the internet, markets and newspapers were the only places where you could sell your stuff without having a store. Now things have taken a completely different turn, and the internet has proven to be a huge source of income for many people.

Are you a creative person who wants to sell your homemade products? Do you have a vintage jewelry collection? Do you have a connection to get a product at wholesale prices? Maybe you’re just trying to sell that old puppet collection you haven’t played with in a long time. Or maybe you’ve given yourself over to feng shui and are trying to free up your living space.

No matter what your goal is or what you are trying to sell, you can be sure that there are best websites to sell online that are perfect for you. These are the best sites to sell your products online.

The 9 best sites to sell online.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best sites to sell online, as are more than 20.6 million people every month, according to Statista. When you sell items on Amazon, your clients will almost immediately feel more at ease and more confident in your business. Such a large number of shoppers means your items are more likely to be seen, but it also incurs a greater number of expenses.

A professional selling account on Amazon requires an app and a monthly fee of $39.99. Additionally, there are expenses associated with the sale of each item. If you don’t plan on selling more than 40 items a month, you can get an individual seller account that doesn’t require a monthly fee. The individual account charges a fee of $0.99 for each item, plus percentage fees that are added depending on the category of the item.

Amazon is one of the most popular sales sites, and is ideal for anyone looking to sell large amounts of products or who needs to be exposed to a wider audience.

Amazon is one of the best sites to sell online

2. Bonanza

This Seattle-based company is relatively new to the online market, but it is doing very well. With over 50,000 sellers and 35 million different items, Bonanza is a large and growing community of online stores. In 2016, Bonanza was recognized as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by the website

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The commissions for selling on Bonanza are relatively minimal and are based on what they call the “Final Offer Amount. The Final Offer Value is the dollar amount of what is paid by the buyer plus the part of the freight that exceeds 10 dollars.

So, if you sell an item for $20 and then charge $12 for shipping, the final bid amount is $22. The sales commission is equal to 2.5% of the final bid amount, so in this example, your commission would be only $ 0.77.

If you sell items over $500, the same rules apply, but there is an additional 1.5% flat fee on anything over $500.

This is one of the perfect online selling sites for those who cannot afford their ad fees. Setting up a store is easy, and you only pay fees if you make a sale.

3. Ebay

One of the first online selling sites, eBay has been on the Internet since 1995. There are other sites to sell on, like eBay, but why not trust the original? There’s no denying the selling power of eBay. You can sell pretty much anything on eBay, so if you’re looking for the best sites to sell specific items, this might be for you.

Be aware of sales fees when selling on eBay. The platform requires a non-refundable fee to enter an article, and another “insertion” fee if you decide to enter the same article in another category. There is also a “Final Value Fee,” which is a certain percentage of your item’s selling price, as well as a percentage of the shipping fee. These charges vary and are calculated based on the type of product, how many and in what kind of categories it is listed, and what type of shipping is offered.

According to Quora, eBay has over 25 million sellers and 182 million active buyers. Like Amazon, it’s an incredibly large network. However, you need to keep in mind that your customers may have more trust in Amazon than in eBay.

4. Etsy

Which website is the best to sell your products? Much like Ruby Lane, Etsy is one of the online sales sites that caters to a niche market, unlike giants like Amazon or eBay. Etsy is a well-known website where you can sell your handmade products, art, collectibles, and antiques. It’s a great online sales site.

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Expenses to sell on Etsy are probably among the simplest and most straightforward of all the sites to sell online that we’ve covered in this article. Etsy charges a $0.20 fee for each item. The item stays in your store for four months or until sold, whichever comes first. When you sell an item, there is a five percent transaction fee and a three percent handling fee, all of which are plus $0.25. That is all.

Etsy is a well-known and respected online sales site. Its minimal fees, ease of use, and good reputation in the world of websites to sell online make this platform one of the best websites to sell your items.

5. Shopify

When it comes to building your own website rather than going to other websites to sell online, Shopify is one of the easiest to use and most reliable. Like Etsy, Shopify is a trusted name.

Shopify’s base fee is $29 per month. This includes your website, blog, SSL certificates, abandoned cart recovery, social media sales channels, and many other tools and benefits. There are no upfront setup fees or other hidden fees unless you choose to use a payment service provider other than the one offered by Shopify.

Shopify is an excellent platform to start your own online sales website. It’s simple to use and has excellent customer service.You can also use third-party apps that work with Shopify to further customize your store.

6. Ruby Lane

Among the craft selling sites, you can’t miss Ruby Lane. Arguably one of the best sites to sell online and one of the best forums for shopping for antiques and collectibles, Ruby Lane was voted the number one selling site by the 2019 EcommerceBytes survey. In January 2019, Ruby Lane received over 1,1 million unique visitors every month.

There is a one-time fee of R$100 to open a store with Ruby Lane and a monthly fee of R$69 for stores with fewer than 80 items. The store’s cost changes depending on the number of items you have entered.

This is one of the first sites to sell online and was designed to bring collectors together. If you’re looking for a site to sell your antiques and collectibles online, this is probably the site for you.

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7. Facebook Marketplace

What are the sites to sell online for free? Facebook’s Marketplace was launched in October 2016 so that anyone could sell things to other people on the social network.

The interesting thing about the Facebook Marketplace is that the company is starting to support e-commerce merchants. Facebook has partnered with online selling sites like Shopify to make it easier for online merchants to have a presence on Marketplace.

There is no cost to run ads, but there are specific requirements and guidelines you need to follow.

8. is a site to sell online locally, much like eBay or other market giants. Subito is the number one company in Italy in the purchase and sale of products. The company was launched in Milan in 2007 and to this day receives more than 11 million monthly users. As with eBay, there are other sites to sell on, like Subito in Italy, but why settle for knockoffs when the original is available?

The platform is extremely intuitive and allows you to sell items of any kind, and it is one of the best sites to sell items online for free in Italy.

9. Vintage

Vinted is a site to sell online that is very popular right now. Having specialized in the sale of clothes and accessories online, it is the ideal place to earn something with the clothes we no longer wear. Yes, the same ones that have been lost in the depths of your closet for decades.

How does it function? In practice, Vinted acts as an intermediary between buyer and client: it acts as a guarantor of the security of transactions. You can post your ads for free, upload up to 20 photos per item, choose the price and shipping method offered (including delivery), and more. Eventually, you may also decide to trade it in instead of selling it!

Thanks to its popularity—Vinted has 34 million users in 12 countries—it’s very easy to sell your used clothes and buy second-hand goodies.


No matter what you want to sell or how, you can certainly find sites to sell online that are right for you.

If you want to free up your cellar, expand the reach of your physical store, or if you want to enter the world of e-commerce with your brand, you are sure to find a platform that suits you.