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Top 10 apps for earning real money

Top 10 apps for earning real money | Making money online is the dream of many. It’s not easy and it’s not free, but if you don’t have many demands and want to supplement your salary, the possibilities are endless. Starting with applications, which offer many opportunities, often taking advantage of geolocation.

Making money online, that is, with activities, websites, and applications on the Internet, is a fascinating prospect that appeals to many. Also, because it is easy to imagine that “earning online” coincides with “earning easy money”.

Of course, this is not the case. To be able to live off the earnings made online, you need some, and not everyone can. In fact, only a few can.

Also, trying something on the Internet can help you get noticed, which is always a good thing if you want to be known. You might also be able to use the application to make money online or as a “shop window” for your professional career.

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Earning real money

However, if, instead of creating a salary for ourselves, we have the more modest but also more realistic goal of earning some extra money online to round up the salary, the possibilities are different.

In this article, we are going to focus on a few apps to make money online among the many available. We have selected some selected from Salvatore Aranzulla’s website and others proposed by Oberlo.

A necessary clarification: there are several applications (among the many that can make you win) that entitle you to prizes or vouchers at partner stores; here we have chosen to focus on apps that earn real money, usually paid to your PayPal account or checking account, so you can use them freely.

Between sales and small jobs

Ways to earn money online are different, but they focus on certain types of activities: participating in surveys, selling used items, carrying out small missions or services, selling your photographs, or collecting information in your area.

The classic “jobs” such as leafleting and delivery are still there, but there are also more original ways to earn money online with apps, for example, walking (or running) or participating in quizzes.

A standard procedure

The process for making money online with apps is more or less the same: you download the app you are interested in, register with ad hoc credentials or via Facebook, book the requested activity, and provide proof of having completed it.

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In most cases, the compensation is in cash paid into a checking account or PayPal, but there are also other formulas, such as vouchers in stores or affiliated networks, cashback, gift cards, etc.

After this general premise, let’s take a closer look at some of the best apps to make money online, broken down by category. Of course, they are all available for both Android and iOS (we will link the app for Android, which is more widespread).


Answering questions is one of the easiest ways to make money online by taking surveys of all kinds. Of course, this means that there is someone behind the app who pays for this information.

Incidentally, Google also has its own survey app, Google Opinion Rewards, which only entitles you to Google Play vouchers and not real money.

1. Toluna

The leading app for paid (cash) surveys is Toluna, an app that not only answers questions but also invites you to test products or participate in market research.

It is possible to receive the payment in cash on the PayPal account (in this case, therefore, without a bank account, which may not displease some because they provide less personal data, and among the most sensitive ..). Or you can receive coupons to spend on Amazon, Zalando, or gift cards for iTunes or Alitalia, among others.

earning real money toluna

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Another way to make money online with apps is to do small tasks like checking the location or name of a city street, buying products at a store, or even shopping.

2. BeMyEye

The name BeMyEye suggests that these are monitoring activities, but in fact, the possible missions are of various types, from buying the necessary products to free checks at the pharmacy.

Once registered, you can enter an invite code (available in the store on your smartphone or tablet, or in the app reviews) to get a welcome bonus of a few euros for the first activity.

Quests can be booked, but you can cancel them at any time. If, on the other hand, they are completed, the accumulated credit goes to the purse, and when it reaches 10 euros, you can receive the credit in real money on PayPal or your current account.

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BeMyEye making money online

3. Jobby

Jobby is also an app that pays with real money in exchange for carrying out small, one-off activities, such as deliveries or pamphlets.

To distinguish the app from other similar ones, there are two characteristics: the most important is the insurance coverage for workers.

The other, perhaps of greater immediate impact for workers, is that each one of them has a profile in which they can report their specific technical and transversal skills, and also receive comments and criticism from other members, a bit like LinkedIn.

4. AppJobber

Similar to Jobby, because even here it is about performing small tasks, AppJobber is characterized by the fact that you can view and select tasks based on the area and distance from your location: the more you zoom in on the map, the fewer jobs will be available, but even less distant.

5. Fiverr

It is an application to propose and work as a freelancer; unlike others, it allows contact and interaction with a specific client who commissions us a job, from which we can more easily manage methods and times.

Unlike other apps, however, on Fiverr the assignment is not assigned at first, but we have to propose our job offer and wait for someone to order it. The application therefore functions more than anything else as an intermediary between the professional and the client.

Among the proposed activities are: articles; creative writing; photo editing; web design and graphics in general; and music recordings. The only downside is that, at least for now, the app is not available in Italian, but it is expected to be localized.

Fiverr is a platform for freelancers earn money online

Online sale

Another easy way to make real money online with apps is to use them to market miscellaneous items that we no longer use. The useful applications for this purpose are different, some of them even well known. Here are some.

6. ebay

Another service among the best known (also) for sales: it allows you to sell new and used, in an online auction mode, which is free, or with the “Buy it now” service that provides for a commission, which is in addition to the one provided in any case, for each sale made.

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The advantage over other smaller competitors in the industry is the app’s great popularity, making it more likely to find potential buyers.

7. Kijiji

Also owned by eBay, Kijiji allows you to post free ads for sale, this time with no commissions. It works as a showcase for the products we want to sell and can be contacted directly by the potential buyer.

Kijiji making money online

6. Subito

Subito is one of the most well-known services dedicated to buying and selling (it has been around for almost 15 years), It is also a portal for real job searches, but here we are dedicated to the application in which you need to register to create an ad with the description and photo of the product you want to propose.

After that, the negotiation will continue, possibly even offline, with the person in question. does not charge commissions for the service.

8. Autoscout24

Selling a car doesn’t happen every day, but if that’s the case for you—maybe just to cut costs a little bit from your budget, Autoscout24 is without a doubt the go-to site and therefore also the related app. They enter data and photos of the car, as well as their contacts, and wait for someone to call us.

Selling photos

Making photos to sell online is one of the simple and quite affordable ways to earn something by exploring your passion, but you also need to be original and creative. There are microstock sites where the competition is very high. Staying within our scope, we see a dedicated application.

10. Foap

An application with a very simple operation: you register, upload photos, and, if you sell them, you receive payment in your PayPal account, which is necessary. In addition to photos, you can also upload and sell videos.

earning real money online foap


Well, these are ten of the best apps to make real money online. There are many others, from those that entitle you to cashback to those that pay in vouchers.

Those that allow you to earn by exploiting your contacts, such as YouTube itself, which allows you to earn in various ways. Making real money online Another way to make money online, of course, is by using apps or websites to find work.