What is email marketing

What is email marketing?

What is email marketing? | Some of you may not even understand what we are talking about, or consider it a trivial and marginal medium; This is precisely why we will go into the details to talk about and concretize the often vague ideas about this “world” so vast and fascinating.

We hear more and more about newsletters, it often happens when we sign up for a website or download an app on our mobile; at the bottom of the page we find the item Subscribe to the newsletter, and it is through this means of communication that email marketing is carried out.

What is email marketing?

The abbreviation DEM, which stands for “Direct Email Marketing,” is where the term “email marketing” first appeared. It is a type of direct marketing that, through e-mail, sends commercial messages, using already configured databases and addresses, to potential customers.

For many, it’s the most effective strategy for selling on the web. Email is the fastest communication tool that can lead you to an impressive increase in conversions.

All the big multinationals use this medium to keep in constant contact with their customers… because you know, in commerce it’s the relationships with the customers that lead you to increase the sale of any product!

There are some business giants that offer their customers, through the method of email marketing, detailed and personalized offers that can be reached with a simple click, even from thousands of kilometers away.

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Advantages of email marketing

The advantages of email marketing are above all the quick and easy gains; obviously not everyone can succeed in this sales methodology. To do email marketing in the right way, we leave you with some very important information to quickly increase your earnings.

Why do you need a mailing list

The fastest and most effective method is to create mailing lists to increase online shopping. But what exactly are they? These are lists of email addresses from where you can get and give information, or complete real deals, with already loyal customers or with new potential customers who interact with your online world.

Through this already widely used medium, it is possible to become a true reference point for a slice of the market, making it clear to potential buyers and prospects that they are dealing with a person or company they can trust. To achieve this, you need to build customer loyalty in the best possible way.

The advantages of email marketing are above all the quick and easy gains

How to gain the full trust of the customer or potential buyer

To make the user yours, there are some points that should not be underestimated:

  • Send periodic emails;
  • Formulate discounts and promotions for those who buy more;
  • Create true brand loyalty;
  • Send a constant update of products and services.

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With these methods, the customer will buy from you constantly, as they will always feel accompanied and advised by expert people who know what they are doing.

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In recent years, users have become smarter than in the past; this is precisely why many no longer believe in email marketing.

We should avoid boring people and be too banal and predictable. Often e-books (defined in this case as “freebie”) are offered when subscribing to a website’s newsletter, but it is an obsolete technique, since the web market has already responded negatively to this type of advertisement.

Ebooks not purchased on their own usually don’t even open! Instead, it is necessary to design something new and truly useful, which can answer the doubts and curiosities of our prospects.

For example, it could be a PDF report or guide covering a specific topic. As a single topic cannot cover a whole range of customers, you will understand that these giveaways need to be diversified: they must be many and all very interesting. This will be a great way to get the most subscribers to your site!

Until a few years ago, large companies did not give much importance to this type of development, as e-mails are often sent automatically by computer systems in the “spam” folder, that is, selected as unwanted.

For quite some time, however, the strength of email marketing has been customer loyalty, so they can reach them with their emails without being “junk” from their email folder.

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Useful tools for successful email marketing

Useful tools for successful email marketing

Every web master or internet marketer must know that to work well and achieve the desired results, you cannot do without these tools:

  • Computer at the time that does not cause loss of time;
  • Ultra-fast internet connection;
  • Realization of hosting;
  • Software for creating landing pages;
  • Tracking software;
  • A/B testing tool.
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Today there are real organizations that lend themselves to the service of large companies and multinationals to accompany this “slice” of the market that in recent years has been producing surprising results.

Email marketing success stories

  • One of the best known on the web is UncommonGoods, which through its emails tells the story of the products, managing to find the perfect combination of styles, colors and images. This is the strategy used by UncommonGoods to increase the number of sales.
  • Jetsetter makes photography its strong point, always choosing breathtaking images to indicate paradise vacation spots, everything you need to have clicks and conversions on the site.
  • UrbanDaddy makes the most of your header, because if recipients allow images in their emails, the first thing they will look at is the header, always taking care to highlight the brand or promoted offers with colors and slogans in catchy characters.


These are just some of the most famous Direct Email Marketing, which from scratch managed to create real empires. His study of how to advertise and how to reach the customer in the most direct way showed how he lets himself be influenced by the multiplicity of photos and colors.

The difference between a well-done email marketing strategy and a well-done one is the difference between not selling any products and selling thousands.

As with any Digital Marketing strategy, you can proceed by trial and error or rely on professionals. To learn more, you can read the criteria for choosing the best Digital Marketing agency for your needs.