apps for Android that are useful to install

14 must-have apps for Android that are useful to install, number 3 is the most searched for.

Here is a collection of the top Android apps; the list of the best and most useful Android apps that the Google Play Store has to offer.

If you own an Android smartphone, there are some must-have apps for Android to sync your files, watch movies, trade forex, make money online fast, learn language apps, keep up with your readings and more.

After proposing a list of the best free apps useful to install, here is a collection dedicated to the Android world. Below is a list of the best and most useful apps for Android that the Google Play Store has to offer. These are the recommended apps for Android; the essential ones in fact.

14 must-have apps for Android that are useful to install.

1. Duolinguo

Speaking of how important it is to practice languages, this app allows you not only to maintain confidence in the language you already know but also to learn new ones.

Thanks to Duolingo, you can learn a new language anywhere in an easy and fun way. There are so many quick lessons and levels to overcome. It’s also completely free.

2. Tiktok

TikTok will become the world’s most downloaded application in 2021. This short video platform outperforms several applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

According to AppTopia research, TikTok recorded 656 million downloads in 2021. The second position is occupied by Instagram, with 545 million downloads. In third place, Facebook achieved 416 million downloads.

TikTok has an application design that makes it easy for users. After downloading this platform on their mobile phones, users do not need to follow other people’s accounts first.

Besides being able to be used to make videos, edit, and share them, TikTok can now also be used to shop for all kinds of needs, from makeup, clothes, bags, and even gadgets.

TikTok also has a new feature that allows its users to know who visited their profile. Just download the application and install it on your phone.

3. Netflix

One of the best and most famous movie-watching apps in the world is Netflix. In this application, you can enjoy different video content from different countries, such as movies, series, and reality shows.

Moreover, there are many high-quality Netflix movies and series that are not shown in other streaming apps. So it can only be viewed in this one application. All movies can be viewed in HD quality. You can subscribe weekly, monthly, or yearly to gain unlimited access to all videos.

Here you can download Netflix for free on smartphones and tablets.

Netflix Full HD Streaming Movies

4. eToro trading platform

The world’s leading online investment broker is undoubtedly eToro. It is a platform used by over 20 million customers worldwide, a number that makes it number one in the trading industry.

Its advantages are multiple: an intuitive platform, a large number of tradable assets, very low spreads and competitive commissions.

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The main strength of eToro is called “Copy Trading.” This passive investment system allows you to select and select the best investors (Popular Investors) within the platform and copy all their operations with a simple click. Just select the best ones to see how their trading operations are replicated in our account, a perfect way to get the same performance as financial professionals even if you are a beginner.

There are a large number of assets within the eToro platform: stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and much more. A really wide choice that allows us to invest online in the main global financial centers while staying in the comfort of our homes. We can also manage operations through an app that can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. The minimum deposit is only 50 euros, and it will be possible to practice on a demo account with virtual money.

etoro Invest better together

5. Spotify

After all, you can’t imagine a smartphone without a must-have music app. Not so much the one present on the device, but more for streaming listening. One of those situations where it is difficult to think of any solution other than the most popular of all. In this specific case, we are talking about Spotify.

When it comes to listening to music, finding the right song at the right time is often a priority. Or create your own playlist, no matter where the corresponding file is stored. Plus, with the possibility of synchronizing the different music sources.

Spotify intends to respond to all of this and try to go further. Among other things, with support for the current podcast trend.

The connection can also be used to listen to previews or discover new singers and groups. Of course, you can also collect reports from your contacts or send personal advice.

6. Photography

On the new Android smartphones, you will find a much more advanced camera app with many options to take photos in any environment and at any time. However, Android allows you to use other camera apps and edit photos however you like.

  • Open Camera is the best application for taking photos. The most important tools and settings are located on the left side of the screen and are easily accessible before recording without having to search for the right option. The application allows you to use incremental exposure correction, supports different image resolutions, has automatic white balance and focus functions, and much more.
  • Fotor is without a doubt the best photo editing application for Android. It has an extremely intuitive control system for editing photos. Simply swipe up or down anywhere on the screen to select the tool to use.
  • Snapseed with its simple graphical user interface, is Google’s other great photo editing app.
  • Instagram is one of the most popular social networks with its 150 million subscribers, always part of the Facebook circuit. Any photo taken with Instagram can be enhanced with a filter and quickly shared on Facebook. Instagram now also supports videos.
  • Pinterest is a great app for Android to browse photos and images of all kinds.
  • Google Photos is a must-have photo management app. With Google Photos, you can ensure that every photo you take is uploaded online for quick sharing or backup.
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7. Capex trading platform

Capex is one of the most popular online trading platforms for beginners. Its ease of use is really impressive: anyone can invest online with this broker, even those who really have no experience.

This platform offers all members a real-time online trading expert to help those who are starting to trade in the financial markets. Thanks to the valuable advice of this account manager, it will be possible to improve our preparation and receive suggestions on how and where to invest.

For those who want to study the basics of trading, Capex also provides an excellent step-by-step guide on how to trade online if you want to invest successfully. The academy is accessible to all clients of the broker free of charge. Just fill out the registration form to start learning from the webinars and all the information they have.

Capex is a cheap online trading platform, completely free and with no fixed commissions. It is also possible to work indefinitely and without restrictions in demo mode. Just create your own account to get $10,000 virtually and practice on the platform without risking your own capital. A perfect method to approach the world of trading without risk.

8. Google Opinion Rewards

In recent years, the number of people interested in making money from surveys has increased. In fact, there are many websites and platforms that pay users to take part in market research and answer simple and quick questions.

Google has also developed an app with which you can easily earn money with surveys. Google Opinion Rewards is an application that periodically sends users surveys that must be answered in order to receive a reward. That’s about 8 to 75 cents per survey.

However, in this case, the compensation is not “real,” but consists of a bonus credit that can be spent on the Play Store by downloading paid applications, films, or songs.

9. BeMyEye

BeMyEye is an application that allows you to earn money through micro jobs or by doing small jobs.

Once the application is installed, the user is faced with a map that takes their current position into account. This map shows places of interest where certain tasks can be done to get specific rewards.

In more detail, BeMyEye delves into timely surveys commissioned by major brands that contact this company for feedback on their products in stores across Europe. And this is where the user comes in: it is the user’s duty to collect information and images about how the products are offered for sale and about any promotions.

In short, it’s a perfect application for those who want to become mystery shoppers and earn money in their free time.

earn money bymyeye

10. XTB trading platform

XTB is another top player in the trading sector that operates on a stable, reliable, and regulated platform.

We are talking about a globally qualified broker who continues to be characterized by fairness and an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. XTB is a multi-asset trading platform that allows you to trade on the following markets with no fixed costs:

  • Forex
  • Actions
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Options
  • Cryptocurrencies
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It is a platform able to respond to the needs of experienced traders through a platform rich in features, but it is also useful for those who are taking their first steps in the world of trading. XTB offers a free demo account where you can test your skills before you start investing with real money.

Also very popular is its xStation, a training academy full of educational material and with ongoing collaboration with some of the most important dealers in Italy. Overall, a broker that offers exclusive trading features is definitely useful, especially for those who do not yet have full autonomy in managing their investments.

11. trading platform is an online trading platform that works really well, is safe, and reliable. It can be found on Metatrader and lets you invest professionally and safely in a wide range of markets.

Many novice traders use it because it offers excellent free educational material. In addition, it makes available to all traders experts who are always ready to give useful advice over the phone. is a relatively new broker, but it has already gained a significant number of users as it can guarantee ease of use and reliability thanks to its MT4 platform.

Popular with those who enjoy investing in stocks, also allows you to negotiate the stages of an IPO and provides access to over 1,5000 publicly traded companies. There are no fixed costs, and the spreads are among the lowest in the market.

12. Plus500 trading platform

Plus500 is one of the most effective CFD trading platforms. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has licensed and regulated it (License No. 250/14).

Plus500 offers intuitive tools for trading CFDs on many financial markets, such as:

  • Forex
  • Raw material
  • Actions
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies

Broker spreads are competitive, and charts are always updated in real time. The platform used is a webtrader, which is very fast and full of indicators to trade professionally. A training section called “Trader’s Guide” has also recently been launched, where you can study the theory and learn how to use CFD contracts.

13. Toluna

The main app for paid (cash) surveys is Toluna, an app that not only answers questions but also invites you to test products or participate in market research.

It is possible to receive the payment in cash on the PayPal account (so no bank account in this case), which may not displease some because they provide less personal data and are among the most delicate ..). Or you can get coupons to redeem at Amazon, Zalando, or gift cards for iTunes.

14. SwiftKey

Among the must-have apps for Android, an extended keyboard cannot be missed. Maybe you’re already happy with the keyboard that’s already included in the Android smartphone software, but if you want to take it to the next level, then you need SwiftKey. The keyboard keeps track of the phrases, slang, and nicknames you use often and uses this information to make text predictions and auto-corrections smarter.

Aside from adapting to your writing style, SwiftKey also offers easy access to emojis and GIFs, supports multiple languages, and offers many color themes to make the keyboard look more vibrant.