10 Apps to create funny face cartoons on Android and iOS, easy for beginners to use

Apps to create funny face cartoons | Different apps can edit your images in different ways. Some can add fun stickers, while others can add fun effects like stickers that make them look like cartoons. Some apps do a terrible job but still make you laugh at how they made you look.

Art and technology coexist in the numerous applications available to edit images and transform them into works of art. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible, in a few steps, to generate images with any type of aesthetics.

Among the available options, there are tools that allow you to convert photos into cartoons, anime characters or add a pop or comic aesthetic.

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10 Apps to create funny face cartoons on Android

1. ToonApp

The application allows you to convert photos into cartoons, thanks to an artificial intelligence system. It provides editing options for adjusting filters, defining and cutting. You can edit photos from your camera roll or open the camera directly from the app and take a selfie to edit right from there.

The platform also allows you to draw photos, automatically remove the background of the original image and customize it with some of the available designs. It is accessible for both iOS and Android devices.

Apps to create funny face cartoons toonapp

2. ToonArt

ToonArt Cartoon Photo Editor is the best app for creating cartoons and digital art with just one touch. The editor offers you Avatoon, Artbreeder and Cartoon photo editing options to become an amazing character creator and showcase your vector art on all social media platforms.

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This app can be used as an animation maker, collage maker or even a cool emoji and bitmoji maker. Choose your best photos from your photo gallery and create free cartoons with this technology. You can share your artistic photos on all social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook and Snapchat. Imagine becoming your favorite Disney or Pixar character with Cartoonify filters and show off your Toon Me selfie on Snapchat.

ToonArt Cartoon Photo Editor

3. Avatoon

You are not a boring person and your social media shouldn’t be either. With Avatoon’s powerful photo editing tools, you can create a custom avatar to express how exciting you and your life really are.

Did you know that? Custom avatars can be more effective on social media than traditional (and boring) photos. If you want to chat with friends, find new followers or just looking for a change, turning your picture into a colorful cartoon style avatar is a great idea. This is where Avatoon comes in.


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4. Moment Cam

Custom cartoons, avatars, and animated emojis can be created using the platform’s capabilities. You can also change the background of the photographs you’ve chosen.

After you’ve chosen an image to alter or taken a photo with the integrated camera app, you may customize the avatar by selecting glasses, skin color, hair, aesthetics, and other options. It is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

5. Toontastic

Toontastic is a 3D animation video creation app for Android and iOS users that is used in millions of schools worldwide to allow children to create, animate, and share their cartoons. A remarkable digital storytelling tool that allows children to arrange their thoughts and turn them into fascinating animated cartoons.

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It’s visually beautiful, offers excellent in-app support and sharing options, and tells stories using self-created animation and narration. Toontastic gives a wonderfully simple way of making the hard process of generating an animated short movie, making it one of the greatest animation apps.

While Toontastic was not created with schools in mind, we have heard from many educators over the years that they love how this animation program inspires their students’ imaginations and employs the Story Arc as a structuring device for their writing. The program is used by students to create everything from book reports to news broadcasts and foreign language skills. This app works on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

6. Cartoon Face Changer Pro-Anime

The app puts anime faces on the face of the selected photo. Unlike those mentioned above, it does not generate a filter based on the user’s face, but immediately adds a mask of some of the available anime characters.

It has editing tools to crop or adjust the shadows of the images. It is available for iOS and Android.

7. ToonHub

It’s another tool to turn photos into anime characters with just one tap. There are different animated styles in 2D, 3D, comic and with a renaissance aesthetic.

You can change and add image backgrounds using the system templates or create your own design. It is compatible with Apple and Google mobile operating systems.


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8. Pixart

Draw yourself automatically with the magic of Pixart Artificial Intelligence. Now you can use our artificial intelligence to turn your favorite pictures into a “cartoon character” with just one click.

Pixart is the only artificial intelligence app that can turn a photo into a cartoon into a high-quality portrait, just like an artist would draw your portrait.

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Our artificial intelligence is learning day by day and getting better. Pixart AI focuses on providing the best cartoon effect for your photo, but it doesn’t stop there, it can also turn you into movie characters, caricatures, animals and hundreds of other effects that are constantly being added.


9. PowToon

One of the most famous tools for creating animated videos and comics to explain how a process or service works. Thanks to Powtoon, you communicate visually with your target through short videos and animations that are easy to make even without experience.

Powtoon’s ready-made templates – free and paid – help you create animated videos and content faster. Regardless of your skill level in the world of video animation. Creating clips with Powtoon depends on the ability to choose animated characters, templates, video backgrounds, soundtracks and more.

10. Doratoon

Doratoon is a content marketing tool for creating custom videos thanks to an archive of royalty-free animations, templates, backgrounds, scenes, stock footage and more. Of course, everything is supported by an editor to edit clips and audio.

You can use Doratoon to create animated videos for advertising, engaging audiences, implementing your web marketing and social media strategies. Without forgetting the use of this tool for video animations in the classroom, at school and in presentations.


In Summary

Seeing what you look like as a cartoon is fun. You will get a good laugh if you see yourself with big eyes or another cartoon feature.

Do you share your photos that you will turn into a cartoon? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to share the article with others on social media.