11 Android Apps for Watching Korean Dramas for Free

11 Android Apps for Watching Korean Dramas for Free

The popularity of Korean dramas in recent years has been insane. The popularity of K-Pop and K-Drama has spread not only in Asian countries but also in European and American countries. In addition to a beautiful and charming face, the story is also an interesting song to watch. This is what makes Korean dramas highly demanded by fans.

With the development of technology, Korean drama fans can not only watch broadcasts on television, but there are currently many free Korean drama watching apps for Android. Through this application, Korean drama fans only need an Internet connection. So what are the apps for watching Korean dramas?

The Korean Drama Watch App is a free application.

Here I will share 11 free applications for watching Korean dramas. Please note that the order of this article is just my accident. So it doesn’t show the quality of every application.

1. Viu App

With this application, Korean drama fans can easily watch each series. There are a lot of dramas presented not only from Korea, you can watch Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, and so on.

This application is also equipped with Indonesian subtitles, an updated application with a complete collection, and offers Viu Premium for customers who wish to subscribe. You just have to download it via the Play Store.

Viu App

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2. Iflix

This free application for watching Korean dramas has been quite popular for a long time. But only a few years ago, this application officially entered Indonesia. Through this application, you can watch hundreds of Korean drama titles complete with Indonesian subtitles.

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Apart from Korean dramas, you can also watch various other foreign films. It’s all available with Indonesian subtitles and a very pleasant application view.


3. Drakor.id+ Application

Also, another application for viewing Korean dramas, namely Drakor.id, is a special application for lovers of Korean dramas. The application is offered for free with simple functionality, small image size, and no ad interruptions.

Each Korean drama series is always up-to-date, so you can watch whatever the latest title of your favorite Korean drama is. Just open this application via the address provided, and then you will enjoy any kind of drama you want.

4. Viki App

For those of you who are not satisfied with Korean dramas only, then this application is perfect for fulfilling the wishes of their fans in the form of movies. Also, all kinds of full movies are available, ranging from humor, mystery, and romance.

Other facilities that can be used are more than 100 subtitles, including Indonesian, HD picture quality, and a free premium Viki subscription.

Viki App

5. KBS World

The name KBS World may already be familiar to your ears. Yes, KBS is one of the South Korean TV channels that broadcasts a lot of Korean dramas. Every day, and even every hour, different Korean series titles are played.

This way, it will be very easy for you to find your favorite series. For the sake of making it easier for the users, the appearance of the application is very user-friendly.

KBS World

5. SBS

This Korean Drama Watch application is a competitor to KBS. SBS is also a Korean TV station, originally from Seoul. Some of the best Korean dramas that have aired on this TV station include It’s Okay That’s Love, That Winter The Wind Blows, The Heirs, and My Love From The Star.

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In addition to being able to watch Korean dramas, you can now also watch the most popular reality show in Korea, the hugely popular Running Man. It’s just that the app doesn’t provide Indonesian subtitles when watching Korean dramas.

6. Video app

One of the advantages of the Vidio application for watching Korean dramas is that it offers live streaming viewing services. You can watch all kinds of Korean dramas and movies.

In addition, all the collections provided are up-to-date and complete, so you can enjoy each show with the title you want.

7. Google Play Movies & TV

While there aren’t many Korean drama series, Google Play Movies & TV can still be the right alternative if you want to watch Korean dramas for free. Also, this application has a very nice look. It is easy to use, even for the first time.

In addition to Korean dramas, you can also watch other dramas. Various foreign films are also available. Interestingly, you can write a request for the movie you want to watch.

Google Play Movies & TV

8. Netflix

The appearance of this application is different from the previous application, which offers full functionality and a cooler interface. The special feature of this application is that it comes with Indonesian subtitles, is free to watch dramas, and you don’t need to worry about buffering when using the application.

Each series and collection is always updated and presented in full. Netflix is an app for watching movies and fiction released in 2016. It’s just that this app is only free during the trial period. Then you have to pay. In terms of updating Korean dramas, the application lags far behind others.

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9. HOOQ App

The Hooq app is one of the facilities for Korean drama lovers with full facilities. Ease of access and viewing of each drama series with ease, up-to-date collections and online viewing. This application can also be downloaded or downloaded if you want to watch it offline.

Hooq is actually not a free application for watching Korean dramas. It’s free for new users only. We can also get freebies when we buy Internet packages from Telkomsel and XL. So it’s not entirely free.


10. Bee Movie

The BeeMovie application is actually still relatively new, but it is very useful to have the option of watching Korean dramas for free. You can also watch many kinds of movies, not only K-dramas.

You can also download all Korean dramas for free directly to your mobile phone. In this application you can also find adult movies, aka 18+. Hence, it is not suitable for immature children, aka.

Bee Movie

11. Tubi TV

The last application that can be used as a more complete view is Tubi TV. This application has the advantage of featuring many popular movie broadcasts and featured TV series, including Korean dramas. You can enjoy a collection of Korean dramas based on your desired title.

However, this application is not as complete as other applications such as Viu, Drakor, or Viki. With free streaming features and HD images, it can also be used on the big screen of your TV. You have made this application a worthy choice for your favorite Korean drama show.

Tubi TV


So, a list of some of the best apps to watch Korean dramas for free and the most popular Certainly, you are able to satisfy your desire to keep updating the major Korean drama shows.