14 Apps to Watch Streaming Movies in The Best HD Quality

14 Apps to Watch Streaming Movies in The Best HD Quality

14 apps to watch streaming movies in the best HD quality | Filling up the night with your favorite shows is fun too. But do you know what the best and legal movie-watching app is? Wouldn’t it be fun to use your weekends and holidays to watch streaming videos?

Due to the prevailing pandemic conditions, the weekends that we usually spend with our family are now encouraged to stay at home.

Well, watching streaming movies can be an alternative to filling your time. You just choose what movies can be watched with the whole family and set a plan for when you watch them together at home.

There are many of the best and legal movie viewing apps you can download. The good thing about watching through the app is that you can watch the same movie over and over, and if you don’t have time to finish the movie, you can download the movie to watch it another time when you are free.

Here are the 14 best and legal movie viewing apps to make friends for this year’s vacation.

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14 Best & Legal Movie Watching Apps, HD Videos Reference

1. Use Hooq to watch streaming movies.

Hooq is quite popular with Android users because of its attractive appearance. And Hooq is one of the best movie watching apps. Not only can this application be used via mobile phones, but also via cable TV and computer services, making your viewing moments more exciting.

All shows on Hooq can also be watched via streaming and downloading. This app also has a lot of what people are talking about, ranging from Hollywood movies to popular TV shows.

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2. Viu

For Korean drama lovers, you must know about this one app. In addition to the series, this app also provides movies and entertainment. And not only from South Korea, the shows in it also come from various Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, China, and India. If you’re sick of watching Korean dramas, you can try something else.

Viu is also free to use, but you will need to be patient to “face” the ads that are quite scattered around the middle of the program. To get rid of ads, you can subscribe by upgrading your account to a paid premium service. Another advantage of the Viu application is the ability to download all programs.

Viu App

3. Watch streaming movies on Netflix

One of the best and most famous movie-watching apps in the world is Netflix. In this application, you can enjoy different video content from different countries, such as movies, series, and reality shows.

Moreover, there are many high-quality Netflix movies and series that are not shown in other streaming apps. So it can only be viewed in this one application. All movies can be viewed in HD quality. You can subscribe weekly, monthly, or yearly to gain unlimited access to all videos.


4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is predicted to be one of the best apps for providing movie streaming services. There are many types of shows that are served on Popcornflix. Ranging from the newest, most popular, featured movies, to dramas, horror, and action movies.

In addition to showing films from various countries, Popcorflix also airs its own original work as well as TV shows that are currently popular.


5. Watch streaming movies on Iflix

Initially, Iflix could only be eaten in Malaysia, but now it can also be eaten in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Like Viu, Iflix also streams movies and other shows.

Iflix entered Indonesia in 2015 himself. The presented programs are not only films and series, but also box office films and programs for children. To meet the diverse tastes of the market, the film genres offered are also very diverse. There are dramas, comedies, action, horrors, romances, thrillers.

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6. Jidio

Do you want to know which series and movies are gaining popularity? Just check on Yidio. Yidio offers streaming services for movies and TV series that are popular or popular today. In addition, this application also includes TV programs from abroad.

Yidio provides interesting features so you can enjoy your movies more. Namely, by holding down the Watchlist function, where you can select the movies you want to watch in the future. This way, you don’t have to bother choosing the movie you want to watch and miss your favorite movie or series.

7. Tubi Television

Like other free apps, Tubi TV also places ads on its shows. However, this application does not provide subtitles for foreign language translation.

The programs on Tubi TV are in HD quality. Besides foreign films, you can also watch independent films, cartoons, stand-ups, classic films, and documentaries.

Tubi TV

8. Cinema Box

You can watch programs on the Cinema Box streaming app on different types of smartphones. The selection of films is very complete, the selection of series is also the best, and the quality of the programs delivered is in HD quality.

Another advantage of Cinema Box is that you don’t have to rely on the internet to watch all the shows. In other words, you can download movies for offline viewing by downloading them.

Cinema Box

9. MAXstream

MAXstream presents a lot of interesting content for watching various exciting movies. This application also presents TV series, sports events, and cartoons.

For users of the Telkomsel operator, youĀ can access this application with various facilities offered.


10. WeTV

A video streaming platform from China, WeTV showcases many series and movies from Asian countries. You can watch series and movies from Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and even Korea. You can even re-watch legendary old series like Winter Sonata in this app.

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11. Watch streaming movies on Disney +

From kids to adults, it seems like everything is similar to the movies released by Disney. You Disney fans can now watch all of your favorite movies on the Disney + app.

Here you can watch not only Disney movies, but also superhero movies from Marvel, animations from Pixar and National Geographic programs.

When a new Disney movie comes out, you don’t have to go to the movies. Just watch Disney + with your family from the comfort of your own home.


This app is from China, so it’s no surprise that a lot of Chinese dramas and movies are shown here. For those of you who are fans of Japanese dramas and series, you can also express your passion here!


13. Genflix 2.0

In addition, there is another streaming service that provides different genres of movies and different entertainment, called Genflix 2.0.

Genflix is not only the most prestigious sports content but also thousands of the best-curated movies from Hollywood, Thailand, Korea, Europe, Iran, Japanese anime, TV series, and the latest Indonesian movies.

Genflix 2.0

14. Watch streaming movies in Click Films

Klik Film is an application launched by Falcon Pictures in 2015. This app shows Indonesian Falcon movies as well as the best Indonesian movies turned hits. There are also Western and Korean films in a variety of genres, from action, drama to thrillers.

Klik Movie also showcases original zombie-themed movies that have recently been released. To sign up, you only need to pay $ 1 per week.

Click Films

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These were the 14 best and most legal movie-watching apps. You can access all these Android and iOS movie streaming apps. I hope you find this reference useful. What are you waiting for, download your favorite app immediately.