Top 10 Face Makeup Apps for Your Android Smartphone

Top 10 Face Makeup Apps for Your Android Smartphone

For some women, makeup is a must. Some women may also find that makeup is the most important thing to boost their confidence and make their appearance more perfect.

Usually makeup is applied when women want to travel or just take photos to capture different moments. To make the look in photos more attractive, it is not uncommon for some women to prepare with makeup.

However, in today’s sophisticated and lightning-fast era, even makeup can only be done with an Android app. So its users don’t have to bother disguising themselves and then deleting it just to take pictures.

Because some of these apps can make you more confident and of course more interesting.

Here, 10 practical and best makeup apps for Android will be discussed. Inquisitive? Check out the ten app reviews below.

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The list of top face makeup apps goes viral

1. BeautyPlus

The name BeautyPlus has been popular for several years. This app was released in 2013 and has been downloaded by hundreds of millions of Android users.

With BeautyPlus you can quickly and easily embellish your face in photos. This application has automatic filters that can beautify your face. You can also edit photos manually by adding makeup to your face.

You can choose from different colors of lipstick, blush and eye color. You can also refine the appearance of your facial skin with BeautyPlus.

Not only can you use this face beauty app, you can rely on this photo editing app. One of them is removing unwanted photo objects. Try BeautyPlus now.


2. YouCam Makeup

The first makeup app is from YouCam Makeup. You don’t have to change clothes to take pictures. Because YouCam Makeup will change your look from a bare face to a full face makeup by simply editing and selecting some of the existing makeup features.

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This app is very good with proven over two million downloaders and users of this YouCam Makeup app. In its functions, this application provides various types of makeup such as lipstick, eye makeup as well as blush.

Moreover, this app also provides a feature for users to get the latest makeup tips. Even users can change hairstyles by editing them with this one makeup app.

YouCam Makeup

3. MakeupPlus

The next application is called MakeupPlus. Not much different from the first app, MakeupPlus also provides a variety of makeup features that can be used by its photo editing downloaders such as makeup.

You can also set the type of makeup you want as it provides a variety of colors for lipstick, eye shadow, blush and other makeup features. MakeupPlus also offers a wide selection of makeup tutorial videos.

Also, if you don’t want to manually edit your makeup, this makeup apps provides a feature whereby your photos will be edited automatically with makeup.


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4. Perfect 365

With over 100 million downloads across multiple platforms, Perfect365 is another popular Android makeup app. This app provides many great features, including 20+ makeup and beauty tools, 200+ preset styles, and more.

Perfect365 users are also spoiled for choice with the unlimited custom color options with the Pro Color Palette, allowing them to design their own look with unique color combinations. Meanwhile, there are video tutorials from YouTube artists for those looking to recreate the look of IRL.

Some of the other features offered by this app are beauty and fashion product recommendations, daily makeup and fashion tips, subtle touchscreen function for shine without makeup, accurate makeup placement with advanced face detection, and so on.

Perfect 365

5. Pretty Makeup

Pretty Makeup allows you to complete your selfie camera with motion stickers and beauty effects. Pretty Makeup has been downloaded over 10 million times from the Play Store so far and is one of the recommended ones here.

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The app comes with features such as automatic recognition, intelligent recognition technology that helps you to precisely and naturally match your makeup and beautify your photos.

While its beautifying effects and real-time filters make you look perfect in any photo, and the special moving stickers make your photos even prettier and cooler.

Pretty Makeup provides the key to auto beautify the picture function, making your photos naturally beautiful and more realistic. On the other hand, there are dozens of motion stickers like dogs, cats and love stars as well as dozens of pre-made motion faces that you can use however you like.

Pretty Makeup


SNOW is an Android makeup app with no less cool features. This application allows you to try different types of makeup virtually with AR Makeup.

You can give your face a more polished appearance by using natural makeup or bold makeup that looks and feels authentic. Make your selfie even more stunning with filters and extra elements like cute stickers. Want to try SNOW? Download the app for free here.

7. BeautyCam

BeautyCam has advanced beauty camera functions. You can use three different beauty modes to create glamorous makeup. One of them is the author’s mode, which will give your face a natural glow.

Besides the original mode, you can try the beautification function. This feature may improve the appearance of certain parts of the body. One of the legs. Moreover, you can rely on AI Smart Beauty to polish your face with contemporary makeup.

Amazingly, you can rely on this BeautyCam app for night photography. So you can still look stunning in your photos, even in low light conditions. Download the BeautyCam App here.


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8. SODA – Natural Beauty Camera

The SODA makeup apps was released in 2018 and has been downloaded by over 10 million Android users. This one application will help you beautify your face in no time.

You can use the smart beautify function, instant styling or natural makeup to add makeup to your face as needed.

In addition, you can increase the quality of displaying photos thanks to the HD mode, which is implemented by the SODA application. Try the app now.

SODA - Natural Beauty Camera

9. YuFace

YuFace is a selfie face editing app that has been downloaded over 10 million times from the Play Store. The app provides thousands of themed effects to choose from as well as various makeup filter themes: Celebrity Concept, Winter Makeup, Summer Makeup, J-POP and even AR animation effects.

YuFace offers its users several advantages. Such a simple interface that is easy to use allows you to save high-quality photos, and the correction levels are clearly visible, making it easy to adjust them accordingly.

Meanwhile, the features of the selfie photo editor include removing facial blemishes, contouring and highlighting face shape, whitening teeth, changing hair color, making a sharp nose, eyebrow editor, adding hairline contour, perfect eye color changer and many eye makeup styles etc.


10. Ulike

Then there’s the Ulike app. You can beautify your face easily with this makeup app for Android. Ulike has a makeup retouching feature that will have your makeup in place.

In addition to being able to retouch makeup, you can also keep your facial skin naturally moist in photos. In addition, there are also some cool filters that you can try on this app. You can download Ulike for free from Google PlayStore by clicking on the link below.



This is a collection of the best face makeup apps for Android. You can feel the impression of dressing without removing it from your face, just use the application and your photos will be like with natural makeup.