The 14 Best Online Dating Apps for Android Phones

The 14 Best Online Dating Apps for Android Phones

Finding a mate isn’t as easy as turning your hand. Having an extensive association does not necessarily make it easy to find a partner. Well, if you are having trouble finding a life partner, maybe you can try some of the dating apps we recommend below.

This matchmaking app makes it easy to meet someone from all over the world. You have the option of familiarizing yourself with Indonesian or Caucasian culture. In fact, the status of the users of this app is also different, ranging from single, widowed, or widowed people.

While this does not guarantee that you will get the partner you want, it never hurts to try. What are the most popular dating apps?

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A list of the best online dating apps

1. Bumble

Recently, the popularity of the Bumble app is growing. Many people, especially young ones, are looking for their soul mate using the Bumble app. This app is practically similar to Tinder.

Just slide your finger across the screen to find a partner. However, there are some excellent Bumble features that are quite unique.

If you didn’t have time to talk, you can reconnect to Beeline (the person you matched with) for 24 hours.

Well, after that, you can start your relationship with Beeline again. Women, in particular, are encouraged to initiate conversation with their beeline.

Moreover, Bumble also allows you to link social and streaming media accounts such as Instagram and Spotify. Try Bumble by downloading it here.

Bumble - Dating & Make Friends

2. Timo

You can also rely on the Timo app as an associative medium. With this application, you can easily get to know many people, both near and far.

To start a conversation, you can press the purple button that says “Say Hello” or directly send a short message through the profile of the person you want to talk to. You can not only chat but also talk to potential partners via video and voice calls, which are confidential.

In addition to being able to find a match online for free, you can also make friends by staying in the party rooms with other Timo users. Download the app here.

Timo - Live Video Chat

3. Litmatch

Litmatch is arguably a new breakthrough in the world of dating and friendship apps. Not relying on swiping like most other applications, Litmatch offers users unique features.

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Yes, you can meet potential partners and other online friends through Litmatch’s three communication methods. The first is a game of souls. With this Soul game, you can meet potential partners and friends by sending text messages.

Second, there is a voice game. This feature is for those of you who want to meet a potential partner or friend via a short voice chat. Then there’s Party Chat too. With this feature, you can extend your connections in Litmatch and meet more users.

And that’s not all. Litmatch also offers a Feed feature with which you can share and watch beautiful moments captured by users, including potential partners. Do you want to try it? Download Litmatch here.

Litmatch—Make new friends

4. Date My Age

Android online dating apps aren’t just for young people. Over 40s can also use dating apps to find their soul mate.

Yes, there is a DateMyAge app that allows users over the age of 40 to easily find potential partners. By using this application, you can meet a potential soul mate who is not only the same age but also has experiences, thoughts, and even hobbies.

This app provides an easy messaging feature that can be accessed even without an internet connection on a premium account, so you can stay connected with your partner anytime, anywhere. Download DateMyAge by clicking on this link.

5. Badoo

You still haven’t found your soul mate while your friends are holding their partners? Come find your soul mate on Badoo. It is the most popular online dating agency service.

In fact, some say Badoo ranks 136th as the most popular website in the world. Badoo also provides apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Badoo has over 308 million members from different countries. With this app, you can get to know other people who are located in countries outside Indonesia. The reason is that this site works in about 180 countries. Find your soul mate with the help of Badoo. Who knows, your soul mate is outside of Indonesia, right?

Badoo - Chat & Dating

6. Tantan

The app is quite popular with teenagers, but that doesn’t mean adults shouldn’t use it. In fact, in Tantan you can find all kinds of people to talk to on a more serious level.

The networking system is simple; you just need to adapt to the person you choose. If that’s right, you can continue the relationship more intensely by talking. However, if you don’t match the person you want, you can’t chat with them.

What is interesting about Tantan is the presence of the BREAK THE ICE function. Here, Tantan will ask you ten questions and your partner. Well, you can get to know each other thanks to the answers to these 10 questions. Funny, isn’t it? You can download the application here.

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Tantan - Berteman, Kencan

7. Tinder

Tinder is a really cool app for meeting new people. In this application, you can see photos of people that you can familiarize yourself with by swiping the screen of your smartphone. You can “like” someone by clicking the button that appears under their profile picture. If you have a match, that person will “like” your photo.

Tinder allows you to chat with people you like and share photos or moments with them. Tinder is available for download via the Google Play Store on mobile devices running the Android operating system. Meanwhile, iPhone users can also download the Tinder app via the App Store.

Tinder - Cari Teman Baru

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8. Ok Cupid

Start dating via web apps? Why not? For singles, you can try this one app. Before using OkCupid, you need to answer a series of questions about your outlook on life, relationship etiquette, and personal opinions. Then add your photo for others to see.

OkCupid provides messaging functionality so you can instantly connect with someone new. OkCupid is free to download from the Google Play Store, but your Android device must be running Android OS 4.0 or later. For those looking to download OkCupid for iPhone, iPad, or iPod, please make sure your device is running iOS 7.1 or above.


When looking for an online partner, you can use the happn application. The reason is that one of these free online partner finder apps will find a matching partner for you. Not only that, you will even be guaranteed safe use of the happn application.

Happn’s app is like social media where there is a timeline containing various content featuring friends or other happn users. You can also search by age. Are you interested in finding a partner with Happn? Click here to download HAPPN directly.

happn - Dating App


You can also choose as your way to find an online partner. This application allows you to meet tens of thousands of potential future business partners.

In this app, you can share stories and everything you love with your potential partner. uses filters to help you find potential partners who are on the same frequency as you.

Moreover, if you subscribe to this app, there will be additional features that you can use. One of them is the opportunity to talk with other notable users. Do you want to try it? Download here.

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11. Uki

Next up is Uki. Uki is a fairly popular online chat application. This application can connect you not only with friends but also with new partners.

In the Uki app, you can instantly make friends with other users, which, of course, allows you to find potential partners.

Not only in chat, you can do fun activities with your potential partner. Karaoke, games, or listening to music together are some examples.You can also broaden your friendship by attending online events or socializing in chat groups. Download the Uki app here.

Uki - Amazing Online Chat App

12. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is an Android online dating app developed by PlentyofFish Media. In this application, users can find their potential match by simply voting for other users.

You can also watch live streams from other users and have an even better chance of finding a potential partner. Thanks to the presence of filters in this application, you can find a potential match that matches your criteria. For your information, the Plenty of Fish app can only be used by users 17 and older.

Plenty of Fish Dating

13. Wakie

Wakie is one of the online friendship apps that has been around for a long time. Of course, in this application you can find not only friends, but also potential partners from different parts of the world.

In Wakie, users can write statuses on any topic. starting with music, cooking, movies and more. This is where the interaction with other users begins. You can comment on and like other users’ posts.

If you want to talk further, you can contact the desired user via the chat function or by phone.

14. Heat Up

The Heat Up app also offers help for users to find an online partner. With this application, you can meet many people who are in your place of residence.

If you match one of the users, a heart icon will appear later with the specified number of digits to indicate the match.

Not only when looking for a partner, you can also build a virtual “family” in this application. You can invite family members in real life and get them to interact with your potential partner.

Heat Up-It’s easy to love


Some tips for those of you looking to find a partner through cyberspace, use personal information and real photos in your matchmaking account. It is very important that your partner does not feel cheated when meeting in the real world.