List of Forex Brokers With Low Spreads

10 List of Forex Brokers With Low Spreads: What Are the Advantages?

List of forex brokers with low spreads- In the forex world, the term “spread” is commonly used by both professional and novice traders.

A spread is the difference between the buy and sell prices of a currency pair being traded.

A spread is a commission paid to a forex broker for entering the currency trading market. Forex brokers with the lowest spreads are usually preferred by traders.

Each incoming currency transaction will result in a loss equal to the spread, and for each outgoing transaction, the spread will be added to the losing transaction and subtracted from the winning transaction.

In forex communication networks, dealing with market makers or brokers with low spreads results in lower transaction fees. If you are looking for a forex broker with low spreads, please read the reviews below!

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What to Look For When Choosing a Low Spread Forex Broker

Companies are constantly competing to offer the lowest price or the highest quality service. Organizations cannot provide the cheapest service and cannot compromise on quality assurance.

This implies that in order for a broker to offer the lowest spreads in the market, they have to sacrifice the quality of other departments.

Additional expenses that are usually hidden and unknown can be incurred, or unethical cost recovery can be hidden through unethical business tactics.

Whenever low spreads are given, traders should consider how the broker will cover their fees.

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If you have done your due diligence and compared the brokerage’s goods to those of competitors through client recommendations and independent reviews by brokers, the quality of service provided and whether additional fees will be assessed will become clear.

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Problems arise in detecting brokers who engage in unethical business methods. Usually, this activity is hidden, making you dependent on the broker.

You may not need instructional materials or customer support, and if you want a broker who is particularly focused on low spreads and is willing to make concessions in other areas, you may not need educational materials or customer support.

The most significant aspect of the execution of your order by the company is that it adheres to sound business standards. Spreads are very important when choosing a broker, but you also need to be aware of hidden fees and poor quality of service.

The best thing for traders is that they have to spend some time carefully choosing a broker.

Options for Forex Brokers With the Lowest Spreads

Some forex brokers that provide the lowest spreads and are reported to be suitable for scalping, including:

1. FBS

Similar to XM, FBS is listed on a list of well-known scalping brokers with low spreads both domestically and internationally. The zero-spread service is also ideal for traders with unlimited and zero-spread accounts.

Account holders without spreads are not required to trade spreads. FBS offers a variety of services related to accounts with no spreads, such as a minimum trading lot size of 0.01, and allows a variety of trading strategies, including EAs. In addition, STP is quite fast at 0.3 seconds.

FBS trading forex

2. Exness

Unlike previous brokers, Exness offers the best zero spreads for almost all available accounts. This means that Exness offers traders more account alternatives, and each account type includes a zero spread feature.

The Exness zero spread is variable, so when price fluctuations occur, it will have a significant impact on the market. Obviously, it is recommended that beginners learn first.


OCTAFX, like broker Exness, offers a choice of trading with minimal spreads starting at 0.4 pips. OCTAFX is currently one of the most popular zero-spread and commission-free brokers.

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It offers deposit and withdrawal services through local banks that take advantage of the BCA exchange rate and consistently trade for them. Offering low spreads, being an octafx forex broker is the choice of many traders.

Therefore, registering an account with OCTAFX is ideal for traders who want to test a forex broker with low spreads.

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4. XM

XM is one of the best and most popular low-spread forex brokers in Indonesia and worldwide. One of XM’s strengths for Indonesian traders is zero point spreads for zero account holders.

Zero account traders can trade arbitrarily using the spread service. What’s more, if a trader uses this account, XM offers additional benefits.

5. FXOpen UK

FXOpen UK, like Exness, uses ECN accounts to offer floating zero spreads. Actually, this service is not fixed; however, the given spreads apply to all currency pairs.

Some traders consider this service a clear advantage compared to other brokers.

6. Etoro

At Etoro, you can copy professional trading techniques that have been tried and proven profitable in the professional trading arena.

Etoro is one of the largest low-commission and no-spread brokers with worldwide credibility, such as in the UK, Cyprus, Australia, and major European countries.

Etoro makes it easy for beginners to trade with manageable risk. Why? Etoro provides trading services for copyright. You can imitate the trading tactics of professional traders. It is very useful for beginners who do not understand technology and fundamental analysis.

etoro forex brokers

7. Tickmill (Foreign Brokerage)

Of course, the name Tickmill has often been heard among Indonesian business people. One of the many services that Tickmill is known for and trusted for is zero to zero.

Tickmill also provides all kinds of services for the convenience of scalpers. Tickmill is undoubtedly one of the most famous brokers used by Indonesian scalpers.

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8. Instaforex

Instaforex The broker offers Eurica accounts in Insta and Cent formats. This service offers zero pip spreads for Indonesian traders.

The only difference between the two is the minimum transaction volume. With cents, traders have to trade 0.10 lots, whereas with Insta, only 0.01 lots are required.

9. Asia Trade

Prioritizing comfort, adaptability, and mutual benefit.

Asia Trade is one of the largest brokers in Indonesia for many reasons. For example, offering an investment plan with the cheapest deposit option of IDR 10 million.

Each bundle offers information for free foreign exchange education. Obviously, this is useful for beginners.

It is not as simple and efficient as foreign brokers, but registration of Asia Trade with BAPPEBTI ensures its credibility.

10. MIFX

Due to its zero-based services, Monex Investindo is one of the top local forex brokers. where profit can ultimately be maximized with minimal spreads.

In addition, Monex Investindo offers a free demo account for beginners to practice trading.

11. PT Askap Futures

It supports social trading, allowing inexperienced traders to benefit from the experience of experienced traders.

The minimum initial deposit required to trade on Askap Futures is 5 million, which is relatively cheap for new traders looking to trade forex.

PT Askap Futures was founded in 1998 and is the first Indonesian brokerage firm to be officially registered by the government.

As of 0.1 transaction lot, BAPPEBTI’s decision letter (Askap Berjangka as one of the pilot projects) has started accepting customers electronically.


Thus, a study of forex brokers with low spreads Apart from offering traders zero spreads, they also offer forex brokerage services and are considered suitable for scalping transactions.

Naturally, they also had a positive reputation among traders. However, the final outcome of scalping depends on the trader. In other words, both parties enjoy success.