Here's 7 how to play stocks for beginners to keep profit.

Here’s 7 how to play stocks for beginners to keep profit.

Here’s how to play stocks for beginners to keep profit | The way to play stocks is not just to buy good stocks. There are many stock strategies that can be used to keep profit.

You can immediately invest in stocks. You know what stocks are and what their advantages and disadvantages are. Anyone can actually do it. Even if you only have an internet connection, you can invest in stocks.

The most important thing about playing stocks is that you already know the main purpose of what you will be doing in stock management. Which kind of investment, long-term or short-term, are you looking to make?

After knowing these goals, you can now know how to play stocks to keep a profit.

Come learn how to play stocks so you don’t lose.

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7 How to Play Stocks for Profit for Beginners

1. Learn about the intricacies of stock investing.

The first thing to know about playing stocks is that you need to know about stock investing science because the reality is that in the world of investment, especially stocks, there will be a lot of technical terms that are quite difficult.

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The most important thing is that you need to know what a real stock investment is, that is, a financial market instrument in the form of a sign of a person’s or business entity’s equity interest in a company or limited liability company.

It is also important to know that the correct way to play stocks is to know the different types of stocks and choose the right stock investment. There are three ways to choose a stock investment, namely investing in single stocks, stock stocks, and mutual fund stocks.

2. Buying stocks when the price is falling

As discussed in “How to Invest in Stocks That Have Minimal Loss for Beginners”, you can buy stocks when the price is falling because stocks that are falling in price may rise in the next period. So you can get quite a big profit.

However, when a company’s stock price drops, you still need to look at the situation and assume whether the stock will go up or even get hurt. How to play stocks for beginners: Also, do not spend all your capital on falling stock prices because, if you are not careful, it can be risky.

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3. Decide whether you want to be a trader or an investor.

To be the next way to play stocks, you must choose to become a trader or investor. If you want to make long-term investments and profit for a long time, decide to become an investor.

Meanwhile, if you want to profit from short-term investments or only have the difference between the selling price and the buying price, you can become a trader.

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Of course, fixing this position must be done carefully and viewed from all sides so as not to expose yourself to too much risk.

4. Use cold money

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For those of you just beginning to invest in stocks, this stock game is one important step to follow. To invest in the early stages, you need to use cold money or money that has been separated from your daily needs.

Usually, this cold money is a bonus and is rarely used in everyday life. Cold money is also often referred to as idle funds. Meanwhile, the reason you should use cold money, especially for those of you looking to trade, is that the stocks are moving up and down. So, if the stocks you manage fall, the funds for your daily life will not be disrupted.

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5. Inventory diversification

Another way to play stocks is to diversify your stocks. What is stock diversification? It is an investment technique that groups and selects low-risk stocks, such as those in banking, consumer goods, or real estate.

6. Stay out of debt

Stay out of debt

Don’t be satisfied with your investments when the capital you have is not too much and go into debt to be able to play stocks because stocks are long-term investments and stocks are used to make maximum profits in the future so that your finances also increase.

If you go into debt to invest in stocks, it becomes quite a big risk. The stock gains will later be used to pay off the debt, and your stock investment will be wasted.

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7. Choose stocks from the IDX30 and LQ45 indexes.

There is a stock index on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) that is useful as a static measure of changes in stock market movements that are grouped according to specific criteria. For those of you who are just starting to play stocks and want to play it safe, you should choose stocks from the IDX30 and LQ45 indices.

Meanwhile, two-stock indices are composed of stocks that have a solid foundation and are relatively liquid. Usually, stocks in the index also have quite high grain or are called blue chips.

Here are seven how to play stocks for beginners to keep earning a profit. If you still don’t understand how to play the stock market, there are now many alternative courses online or with trusted online broker applications.