How to Buy Stocks Online to Start Investing

How to Buy Stocks Online to Start Investing

How to buy stocks online to start investing | One of the most profitable investments is shares. However, how to buy stocks must be done correctly and carefully.

Shares are one of the investments that are very popular in the community. Maybe you are also one of those looking to invest in stocks but still don’t know how to buy the right stocks.

Of course, anyone can buy shares, as long as they have an ID card. It turns out that this method of purchasing stocks is also available online.

Come learn how to buy the right stocks so you can start investing in the long run!

4 How to buy stocks online to start investing.

You can then proceed to the procedure for buying stocks on the stock exchange by buying these stocks online or directly from a securities company in your city.

For those of you looking to buy stocks online, here’s how:

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1. Choose a security company.

After preparing the documents, the way to buy shares online is to choose a securities company, i.e., a company that will act as an intermediary in trading, or a so-called broker.

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You also don’t have to worry, registered securities companies are also regulated and have government approval.

Make an investment in the stock market stockbit

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2. Opening a Securities Account

Another way to buy shares is to fill out a securities account opening form, which will later contain an account to buy and sell securities that are paid in or received in cash at maturity.

3. Establishing a mutual fund account

In addition to your securities account, you will also fill out an investor fund account, which is an account with a bank in your name as an investor that is separate from a securities account and is typically used by investors to buy and sell shares.

4. Finish the transaction.

The last way to buy shares is to complete the transaction after fulfilling all the conditions and registering. However, keep in mind that securities companies incur additional costs when buying and selling stocks.

The additional fees or transaction fees at each company will certainly differ. Generally, it ranges from 0.2%-0.23% of the value of the purchase of shares plus 0.1% PPh specifically for the sale of shares. These costs include VAT. So you can choose a security company that has low fees.

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In stock investment, the purchase unit for shares is called a “lot,” and 1 lot is equal to 100 shares.

In addition to buying stocks online, you can also make purchases directly by visiting a securities firm’s office or banking institution. The procedure for buying stocks directly will also be the same as when buying stocks online.

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However, you can visit the official website of the securities company for more information on buying stocks directly.

When investing in stocks, here are a few things to keep in mind:

By knowing how to buy stocks, you can also find out what to look for when buying stocks.

1. Specifying the type of inventory:

Before you buy a stock, you need to determine what type of stock you are going to buy. There are several types of stock trading that are known to be safe and reliable.

For those of you just learning to invest, you can buy blue chip stocks, as these stocks are issued by companies that have a stable income and are often pursued by investors.

2. Calculate the share capital

Shares are, of course, an investment that uses capital. Well, you can determine how much capital to invest in stocks, especially for those of you looking to make long-term investments. Stock capital is better than money that is not spent on daily needs.

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3. Keep in touch with the stock delivery company at all times.

The last step to consider when buying stocks is knowing the stock company’s periodic information. If the company’s finances are volatile, the stock portfolio will also be low.

You also need to update your information with many listed companies because the more types of stocks you have, the greater the chance of making a profit.


Get the best and officially registered stock applications that make it easier for you to invest. Well, that’s how to buy stocks online. Now you can directly invest in stocks. Don’t be afraid to start investing in stocks and good luck!