14 Trading Platforms With Small Deposits Suitable for Beginner Traders and Beginner Stock Investors

14 Trading Platforms With Small Deposits Suitable for Beginner Traders and Beginner Stock Investors

It would be ideal to use trading platforms with small deposits for stocks and forex, especially for beginners who want to invest in stocks and trade forex with a small initial deposit.

Now there are trading platforms that can be used with small capital, making it less risky when investing and trading stocks.

List of Trading Platforms With Small Deposits

Here are some trading platforms with small deposits that are suitable for beginners. The trading and investment platform is perfect for beginners who don’t have a lot of capital.

1. HSB Investment

HSB Investment is an option for people who are looking for a trading platform with a small initial deposit. This platform is suitable not only for beginners but also for experienced investors. In this market, not only equities but also precious metals and foreign exchange are offered as investments.

The excellent feature of this application, CITRA (Clearing Information for Trade), makes it easy for users to see all ongoing transactions. The Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency monitors the operation of this application to make it more accessible and secure.

HSB Trader

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IPOT is a small deposit trading platform for investors with limited capital for account opening. Because there is no minimum account opening in this application. The cost of selling shares is 0.29 percent, while the cost of buying shares is 0.19 percent.

In addition, account registration is done online, so there is no interaction between prospective clients and the office. Problem users can contact Customer Service via Telegram during business hours. The IPOT program includes stock and mutual fund trading skills.

IPOT - Investing, News, Education, Financial Plan

3. Stockbit

Stockbit is one of the profitable small deposit trading platforms. Because here, apart from trading, users can also learn and chat with other traders. Investors, both amateurs and experts, enjoy a lot of rewards.

Here, senior stock investors analyze the market outlook and its implications. For novice investors, it is very important to monitor this information when trading later. Stockbit and Sinarmas Sekuritas are working together to build transaction facilities.

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Stockbit trading forex

4. InstaForex

Since 2009, InstaForex has been one of the few trading applications with a low minimum deposit for the leading forex brokers in Indonesia.

Instaforex’s small deposit trading platform, also known as Fawry, focuses on ease of administration and trade initiation. With a minimum deposit requirement of $1, leverage of 1: 1000, and spreads starting at 3 pips, InstaForex deserves a place on this list.

InstaForex, Quotes & Trading

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5. Exness

Exness is one of the few trading platforms with a small deposit with no minimum deposit, very low spreads, and leverage from 1:2000 to 1:1 for the Asian market.

This makes Exness essential for certain forex traders with minimal funds. However, novice traders with minimal cash can also benefit from this forex broker.

6. LiteForex

With a minimum deposit of 10 USD and a maximum leverage of 1:500, LiteForex is one of the smallest deposit trading platforms.

This small deposit trading platform is well-known for its responsiveness to technological advances, as demonstrated by a number of mutually active features, such as the 3-minute sign-up process with Facebook and Gmail accounts.

LiteForex, on the other hand, currently offers free deposits via any payment method, as well as a no-fee offer that can offset the cost of transferring deposits to each user’s account.

LiteForex trading forex

7. FXOpen

FXOpen is one of the best small deposit trading platforms for forex brokers who pioneered the interest-free small account option. FXOpen has been in business for 12 years as a forex broker with a minimum deposit of $1, leverage up to 1:500, and affordable spreads that inexperienced traders should consider.

8. Ajaib

The online investment services sector is facilitated by trading applications that require a minimum initial deposit for shares. Perfect for beginners, students and college students. Withdrawing funds for investment is a free process. If the user uses a Permata Bank account book, a minimum withdrawal fee of IDR 10,000 will be charged.

Users will be made aware of the optimal transaction timeline. Therefore, it is easier to maximize profits. On the other hand, this trading platform with a small deposit is safe because it already has an operational permit from the OJK. Even though the capital is small, if used effectively, it can provide quite a large income.

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Ajaib investasi saham, trading forex

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9. Bibit

Seeds is a small deposit trading platform that is ideal for investors who want to start investing with modest funds or small capital. The platform is available for free download from the Google Play Store and provides a comprehensive service.

This small deposit trading platform is also registered with the OJK, allowing you to differentiate between conventional and Islamic stock investments. The Heirs function allows users to transfer their shares to a trusted person. In addition, the Robo Advisor feature provides consumers with a list of companies that are likely to be worth investing in.

10. Bareksa

Bareksa is one of the trading platforms with small deposits in playing stocks and investments. Because this platform includes not only stock investment items but also other investment products. By using the filter function, you, as the user, can determine for yourself.

Investment comparison and simulation functions allow comparison of one stock product with another. As a result, it is easier for consumers to find gift guides. Install the app from the Google Play Store on your mobile device.

Bareksa trading forex

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11. Tanam Duit

Tanam Duit is a trading platform with a small deposit that does not require a large deposit. The app’s design is lively and attractive, making it ideal for the millennial demographic. This app allows you to choose from a variety of items, including government securities, insurance, gold, and mutual funds.

The registration procedure is done online. Of course, the phone’s storage space can fit this relatively small application. This program can be accessed whenever an internet connection is available. This is the advantage of investing through applications compared to computers.

12. KoinWorks

KoinWorks is one of the best small deposit trading platforms for beginners because you can start trading with as little as IDR 100,000. This platform has also obtained permission from OJK. Thus, it is official and safe. Try the KoinWorks app service, whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor.

A good investment requires a lot of knowledge on the part of the investor. Read the latest information on the evolution of the stock market regularly. Because failing to do so will cause you to fall behind other investors. This application also includes a gold investment with a minimum amount of IDR 1,000.

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13. RHB Indonesia

RHB Indonesia is one of the trading platforms with small deposits under the auspices of RHB Sekuritas. The minimum deposit is IDR 100,000. There are three customer accounts available at this location: BCA, Bank Panin, and Permata.

The cost of selling shares of RHB Indonesia is 0.25 percent, while the purchase cost is 0.15 percent. Users get access to three service features, including ARO Signal, ARO Library, and Real-Time Notification. Customers who travel frequently will benefit greatly from using this program so that they are not aware of stock price fluctuations.

14. MNC Trade

Low capital stock platforms, especially MNC Trade, which also requires a small initial deposit of around IDR 100,000. The MNC Trade MNC Sekuritas application offers conventional and Islamic stock options. The cost of buying shares is 0.18 percent, while the cost of goods sold is 0.28 percent.

Online account registration procedure. Since the user does not need to visit the office, the system is efficient and economical. Users must have a BCA savings account to facilitate stock trading. This small deposit trading platform is divided into two parts: MNC Trade New for conventional stocks and MNC Syariah for Islamic investments.

MNC Trade trading forex

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Bonus: JustForex

JustForex provides no minimum deposit facility and optimal leverage up to 1:000 (cents) and 1:3000 (mini) for cent and mini account options.

This trading platform with a small deposit and a minimal initial investment for forex brokers is also available for those of you who are just starting to trade.


This is a summary of the list of recommended trading platforms with small deposits for stock investment and currency trading. To minimize losses, newcomers to the stock market should be careful when choosing one of these trading apps.

Because beginners need prior knowledge to invest more efficiently. Similarly, forex trading is a risky profession. Make sure you have practiced beforehand so that you are ready to face the forex market and not lose money.