Money-Making Apps on PC It is Simple to Make Money

Money-Making Apps on PC It is Simple to Make Money

Money-making apps on PC Using a computer can earn additional income without capital. Can it? Today’s technological developments have made all human tasks easier, including making money through apps.

You can use this app to make extra money with the help of the internet. There are a number of websites that offer money-making programs that pay you to do things like take surveys, play games, and watch ads.

10 Money-Making Apps on PC, simple to make money.

1. BuzzBreak

BuzzBreak is a news portal application that is similar to the previous one in that it provides you with lots of articles to read. This money-making app on PC, in addition to articles and news to read, also has videos that you can watch to earn extra income.

The collected prizes can be exchanged for cash and disbursed through a Paypal account. You can get information while making money without capital or for free, as the popular term for diving while drinking water!

BuzzBreak | Link Download Google Play Store

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2. Cash for Apps

Cash for Apps is a money-making apps on PC that you can try to use to earn cash. This application is very easy to use because you only need to install various types of applications using Cash for Apps.

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You can earn money as a gift when you finish installing this Cash for Apps application. It is very easy, and it is not surprising that this app is quite viral with more than 10 million users.

Cash for Apps | Link Download Google Play Store

3. CashPop

Are you a gamer who also wants to make money? Try the cashPop app on PC, which has been proven to pay 100% to its customers.

You can earn money just by playing games and inviting others to join. Is it something hard to work on? Making money with this earning app on PC is very easy and free nowadays.

CashPop | Link Download Google Play Store

4. Quora

Quora Indonesia has paid users directly to make good questions and answer other people’s questions. Quora has been proven to pay everyone who joins, despite the fact that the calculation of the payment method is still unclear.

5. Shutterstock

To make money with Shutterstock, you must first register an account and become a contributor. Then upload your digital creations in the form of photos, images, vectors, short videos, and music.

You may receive a reward of USD 0.25 to USD 0.38 for each time a work is downloaded. It was only downloaded once. How about the photo you uploaded was downloaded many times? In fact, some people earn up to USD 34,000 every year.

ShutterStock contributor making-money sites

ShutterStock | Official Site Link

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6. Wattpad

Wattpad has developed into a platform where users can read or upload articles, short stories, novels, poems, and other types of writing. Thousands of other Wattpad stories have been published on the platform, ranging from happy to sad, and readers love them.

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At times, filmmakers may look to Wattpad stories in hopes of adapting them into films and making a profit for the authors. So, here’s how you can make money with Wattpad.


Wattpad | Link Download Google Play Store

7. EazeGames

EazeGames is a money-making game designed to make money through gaming. There are several exciting games on this website, including Archery World Tour, Stack Tower, and Free Kick Shooter.

You must first register with an active email address to play this money-making game. Play the game against other players and if you win, you will receive EazeGames currency. The EazeGames currency you earn can be exchanged for PayPal funds.


EazeGames | Link Download Apple Store

EazeGames | Official Site Link

8. Facebook

Facebook is more than just a place to make friends online. Many people are now taking advantage of Facebook’s commercial features. Facebook Marketing Pages is one of the functions that can be utilized to make money.

You have your own profile page for your business with Facebook Marketing Pages, and can do marketing, reach customers, and create your own product branding campaigns.

Facebook Marketing Pages can also help you run your business more effectively, so you can have a bigger impact in the future. You can post photos, videos, and other forms of promotion to attract customers’ attention.

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9. Baca Plus

Baca Plus is one of those PC money-making apps that you can use to make money on your computer. As the name suggests, this app has tons of articles that you just need to read to earn some extra money.

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You will be paid more if you read more articles. For those of you who enjoy reading, this platform is undoubtedly the best choice as a money-making app on PC. What are you waiting for? Download this free application right now to get additional income without capital!

10. JadiDuit

You can get a free GoPay balance by downloading the JadiDuit application from the official website or from the Google Play store. After installing the app, you can start earning points. To earn points, you must complete missions.

Each task gives you a varying number of points, from 25 to 500. Apart from being able to choose your favorite task, all the missions are simple too. If you have 3,000 points, you can exchange them for Rp. 20,000 in GoPay balance.


Thus, 10 money-making apps on PC that we have summarized with direct evidence of paying through an account for free. Please use this application by taking advantage of your free time while earning additional income.

That’s not a difficult thing as long as you want to do it. It’s only sometimes because of laziness and lack of focus that you can’t get something that has been planned in advance. Good luck and best regards!